Why Chimney Cleaning Is So Important

There are a number of benefits to chimney cleaning for you and your family. We would always advise that you have your chimney cleaned on a regular basis and most people know that this makes perfect sense. But not that many households with chimneys hire professionals to perform chimney cleaning in Lodi, Ca on a regular basis.

So we thought that you needed to know the real reasons why having a clean chimney is so important. Below you will see that there are several benefits to doing this to ensure that your chimney operates efficiently and that you protect the health of your family.

Prolong the life of your Chimney

Most chimneys are built to good standards and should last a very long time. But without regular cleaning problems can start to occur. Every time that you light a wood burning fire in your fireplace there is incredible stress placed on your chimney system. It has to cope with temperatures as high as 1,100° F and sometimes beyond.

A wood burning fire will create soot, ash and other by products that can cover the flue lining of your chimney and other parts that will cause problems if not properly removed. Repairing a chimney is an expensive business and with regular chimney cleaning you can prevent problems occurring and avoid costly repairs.

When you use a professional chimney cleaning service they will clean and examine your chimney from top to bottom. During this process they may discover minor problems with the masonry which they can easily fix. If there is no chimney cleaning then these minor masonry problems can develop into much larger problems which will cost you a fortune to fix.

Protect the Health of your Family

If you chimney is dirty there could be a blockage in the system resulting in poisonous fumes and gases entering your home. A clean and efficient chimney system protects against this as all hazardous fumes and gases escape into the air.

Inhaling these dangerous fumes and gases can lead to serious health problems and even deaths. Every year in the United States there are a number of carbon monoxide poisoning deaths recorded caused by blocked chimneys.

Prevent Chimney Fires

A chimney fire is a very dangerous thing. The cause of most chimney fires is a buildup of creosote in a chimney which ignites through burning embers from the fire. Some chimney fires spread very quickly to other parts of a home and can cause injuries and significant property damage.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reported that chimney fires caused 30% of all house fires. Each year there are thousands of injuries and millions of dollars in property damage that could all have been avoided with regular chimney cleaning Lodi.

Prevent Odors in your Home

A fire supported by a clean chimney should never create odors in your home. But if your chimney is even partially blocked then you can experience some pretty strong and unpleasant odors. In no time at all your clothes and your furniture will pick up these odors.

If you do not have your chimney cleaned on a regular basis then there will be a buildup of soot in the flue. There is no way that the soot can escape so it will end up in your fireplace and get into your home contaminating everything.

Keep Energy Costs Low

When you have a clean and efficient chimney system it will operate at optimum efficiency. This results in the lowest possible energy costs for you. With a dirty chimney you will have to burn more wood and other fuels to generate the same amount of heat.

At McDonald Chimney Service we offer a very thorough and professional chimney cleaning service at a very reasonable cost especially in Lodi, Ca area. We have expert chimney technicians who can answer all of your questions. Find out more here.

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